Brain Maalish



  • When multiple
    communication techniques
    are laid out perfectly
    in sync with a
    singular and univocal approach,
    it creates unparalleled
    sense and impact,
    and delivers
    unprecedented results!

    That’s 360 DEGREES for you!

    In line with our belief and philosophy, we pursue serving our clients with an articulate 360 degree approach, which starts from the very way we perceive things, the way we ideate on it and the manner in which we deliver results.

    SEE 360°
    See is not through the eyes of our clients,
    but through the perception of our target audiences.
    To be able to make better sense and create
    a stronger connect, we start using a unique set of ‘eyes’
    right from the onset.


    THINK 360°
    Think is what has been differentiating us in all walks.
    Our 360 centric thoughts, help us converge multiple
    techniques targeted at successfully delivering
    creative renditions that achieve the desired impact.


    DO 360°
    Do is where we actually define ourselves.
    Merely churning out ideas is not the point.
    A 360 degree approach requires to be supplemented
    by concrete implementation techniques
    perfectly in line with creative ideation processes.

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  • The ideas are fresh,
    the blood is young and
    the attitude dynamic.
    Which is why
    Brain Maalish produces
    'Hard Hitting' advertising.

    Brain Maalish is a small, yet rapidly growing
    creative setup, aimed at providing turnkey cutting edge
    ‘Hard Hitting’ solutions in advertising.

    Our core coterie of expertise includes a dynamic
    thought process, creatives that challenge the run of the mill
    lines of belief, and best in class production.
    Right from strategy, design to production, we have just the
    right kind of people required to thoroughly justify our philosophy.

    And even more so considering the fact that we are
    headed by an individual who’s been right up there all his life,
    heading some of the hottest creative shops in India.

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  • Creativity is nothing but the
    innate ability to push a brand
    in a desired direction
    through the intelligent usage of
    ideas, visuals and copy!

    At Brain Maalish, if it’s not results-oriented,
    it’ll probably be lying somewhere in the dustbin.
    Right from the moment we start understanding a client’s brief,
    it’s results-oriented, and so is the process
    of ideation for a campaign.
    Likewise is the process of creatives, which is followed suit
    by the production and media related processes.

    And then comes the final litmus test, i.e., The Client!
    In these initial months of Brain Maalish, more often than not,
    our results-oriented approach has helped many a client
    achieve their desired brand objectives.

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  • If you do not seek out allies
    and associates, then you will be
    isolated and weak!
    Sun Tzu - The Art of War

    Our work is a mere reflection of our belief in our profession. Safely put, we have done some great stuff for some seriously reputed and some moderately known clients, but for some apprehensive reasons of our own, we have decided not to include our portfolio in our website. So if you are interested to have a look at our Creative Portfolio, kindly give us a tinkle and it'll be our greatest pleasure to share the same with you.

    Nevertheless, please find our Corporate Profile available for download in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

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